Album: ALT
Author: liquid
Publication: Electronique (source)
Date: 12/29/2009

Excellent work as usual selection Baskaru, French independent label that has given us in the past and the excellent album Urkuma (Etre), here, now, with this new job Rothkamm signed Frank, a German artist with a strong history of manipulator sounds.
Rothkamm images for this new job a clean environment and diverse, a place popular with its frequencies, one of those '70s architecture made of the angular minimalist futuristic references but at the same time warm atmosphere created through graceful shapes of furniture.

The music glides appropriate density of space, a uniform and rhythmic flow, interrupted only for brief moments by electric jolts that seem almost aftershocks.
The combination of guitar sound to create synth modulations poignant feelings that tend to keep tight and live for the duration of labor.

Rothkamm twists the notes in a process of slow and hypnotic modulation, creating atmospheres mutants and very persistent, playing with a strong impact on the choices more ethereal than his other illustrious colleagues.

We can say that his is ambient music that seems pervaded by a dark force that seeks to emerge, as if taken before spaces of architectural complex as an example they are unable to contain its expansion, that incandescent lava seems to increase its constant temperature with precision, 'ascent, culminating in a song featuring the angelic voice samples that open slits in the dense fog, handing over a reassuring and math final of almost ten minutes in which the artist lets slip two organ notes that there return a heartbeat finally, new regulations.

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