Album: ALT
Author: Niels Mark
Publication: Earlabs (source)
Date: 02/02/2010

Excellent new compilation from German sound art legend Rothkamm

Frank Rothkamm is German composer who lives and works in Los Angeles. He is well-respected for his compositional skills first of all operating in spheres of abstract sound art. Present album is a compilation of "analog computers and algorithms" created over a span of 20 years from 1989-2009.

Being a tough one to pigeonhole, the expression of the album range from abstract to semi-melodic moments. Thanks to the analogue approach there is a nice classic electronic sound of the album drawing associations towards early days of Kraftwerk, Brian Eno and Laurie Anderson. Despite the fact that the sound recalls aforementioned pioneering composers, the compositional approach of "Alt" is personal and timeless.

On the accesible line you find tracks such as "Gui" containing a nice western guitar sample sounding like Ry Cooder on a space trip, the alluring choir-based piece titled "000" and the closing piece titled "Con". But even the accessible parts of the album hypnotizes. Thus the album is one of those that you keep returning to.

The more you listen to it, the more it rewards. Alluring work of art!

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