Album: ALT
Author: Bryon Hayes
Publication: Exclaim! (source)
Date: 02/02/2010

Germany-born and L.A.-based sound sculptor Frank Rothkamm is extremely prolific. Subscribing to the aesthetics of supermodernism and sci-fi serialism, Rothkamm's discography contains at least 20 releases. ALT contains ten relatively short pieces that were created between 1989 and 2009 by what Rothkamm says are analog computers and algorithms. Far from the frigid, clinical atmosphere shown on the cover art, the music is decidedly pleasant, its temperate ambient undulations and outer space melodies revealing many emotional states. Rothkamm's sparing use of samples, such as on "GUI" and "OOO," further enhances the organic feeling of the electronic tones. It's this brevity and simplicity that make ALT an enjoyable listen; Rothkamm chooses not to weigh his sound constructions down with excess, choosing to let them float freely. This is the true essence of ambient music.

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