Album: ALT
Author: Tom Sekowski
Publication: Gaz-eta (source)
Date: 07/12/2010

German based composer and conceptual artist Frank Rothkamm returns with his latest release "ALT 1989-2009". I am assuming this is a compilation of some of his work realized during the last two decades that he processed on analog computers and algorithms. The man better known for providing rhythm synthesis for people like Elliott Sharp, Alfred 23 Harth, Wolfgang Muthspiel, DJ Spooky, Hardkiss Bros, supplied music for commercials, remixes for Zeena Parkins, Rebekka Bakken, the Cranberries is also busy on a number of conceptual projects. Amongst those are a 3CD + 1 DVD set called "Tetralogy". All of these ideas keep Rothkamm extremely busy but what is crucial on the latest effort is his music.

The music he presents on this release is as bare as it gets. Full of delicate shifts of grumbling bass-like loops, through to rumblings of something that could be mistaken for an organ, all the way through to sampled choral sections. Sounds are never oversaturated, nor do they attack the listener all at once. Rather, Rothkamm keeps a steady pulse on the proceedings to ensure minimal development occurs within the realm of an individual piece.

"ALT 1989-2009" turns out to be a fantastic effort, brimming with novel ideas and musical dexterity to spare.

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