Album: LAX
Author: bart plantenga
Publication: WRECK THIS MESS (source)
Date: 02/25/2008

[01] o Cyrill Schläpfer: Die Waldstätte (Lake Luzern) [Truetone /] The secret audio lives of steamships and paddle steamers. Gargantuan project reminds me of the audio equivalent of Herzog's Fitzcarraldo film [4 CDs / 3 DVDs].
[02] o Lena featuring Black Sifichi: The Uncertain Trail [Sounds Around /] Psycho-active and psycho-geographical electro-dub journeys to the end of this flat earth.
[03] o Erika Stucky: Suicidal Yodels [Traumton /] Yodeling meets the next generation of creative, inventive pop. [see my website for more on her].
[04] o Up Bustle & Out: Istanbul's Secrets [Collision /] Musicological collisions in a trippy setting.
[05] o Daniel Steven Crafts: Soap Opera Suite / Snake Oil Symphony [Lutra, 1982] This long lost resource is an inspired LP of artistic sampling as well as one of the essential sampling resource discs for DJs. Great to have it back. Thanks Tony.
[06] o Olivia Louvel: Lulu in Suspension [Optical Sound /] Little Annie Anxiety fronting Portishead?
[07] o Mauy Thai: Ritualistic Kick Boxing Music [SP Bangkok] Before a Thai kick-boxing fight, the boxers perform a ritualistic form of prayer. Thanks Nina.
[08] o International Observer: Heard [Dubmission /] Roots Dub jump-started for a spectacular voltage boost.
[09] o Lump: Dub [Future]. Thanx Kirk. Future MRI MIA style dub.
[10] o If, Bwana & Al Margolis: An Innocent, Abroad [Pogus /]. The enchanting Lorelei go on tour to cause midtown traffic crisis.
[11] o Jozef van Wissem: Stations of the Cross [ncunabulum /] Plunging into the ancient to emerge in a post-modern antiseptic controlled-environment airport soundscape. Time travel without all the hassle of packing your bags.
[12] o Liquid Stranger: The Invisible Conquest [Interchill Records] Chillout dub at its best. Thanx Kirk.
[13] o Antoine Berthiaume & MaryClare Brzytwa: Bebe Donkey [Ambiences Magnetiques /] amazingly cool without for a moment acting it or probably having the right haircut.
[14] o Goldfrapp: Felt Mountain [Mute /] From 2000, Tremendously atmospheric record.
[15] o Mikhail Horowitz & Gilles Malkine: Poor, On Tour & Over 54 [No Help Here /] Intellectual punnery and downright bold funnery.
[16] o Frank Rothkamm: LAX [Flux Records [] Sounding like it was the long lost soundtrack to Brazil the movie and as if it has been produced in a dusty particle accelerator filled with Gummi Bears.
[17] o Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects: El Buya [Barbarity/RecRec] Yes, this is from the mid-1990s but I just found it again after playing it to death on my WFMU show back then. Moroccan industrial dub.
[18] o Various Artists: Superbad: The Very Best of Blaxploitation [Warner /] pseudo-hip post-Tarantino youth like to embrace this but despite that, there's a lot of great stuff on this.
[19] o OMFO: We Are the Shepherds [Essay /] Wacked hipness with faulty vodka.
[20] o Coachmen vs Septimania: The Coahmen on Holiday in Septimania [Commodify This /] Basement Tapes mangled in a leaky dungeon with the so-called brothers of the Shaggs.

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